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This is an example of what we WON’T do when landscaping your yard! 🙂


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With Spring weather here and the snow gone, we are beginning to receive the normal customer spring time phone calls for small jobs to be performed around the house.

The normal customer phone calls we receive this time of year are:

1) Leaf cleanup from fall

2) Lawn mowing

3) Gutter clean out

4) Weed and feed customers yards

5) Roof repairs

6) Waterfront cleanup to make customers beach area usable again

7) Painting the exterior of homes once it warms up enough

8) Running electrical lines for new pool installations

9) Installing pools that people purchased from craigslist, the paper or friends and neighbors

10) Installing swing sets

11) Making sandboxes for customers children

12) Repairing and installing gutters for the rainy season

If you are looking to have any sort of work done to your home or business, don’t hesitate to give us a try! We are just a call away and we actually do what we say we are going to do!

This concept is what keeps us moving forward in today’s tough and evolving economy! Our customers understand that when they call us to have something done around their home or business, they can count on us to perform the work to the customers satisfaction 100% of the time!!

Call us and give us a try!

Professionally Yours,

Kelly Bedell (Owner)

Office: 810.844.1617

Email: Kelly@AlohaPMM.com

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